Custom Steel Buildings in Modesto CA


Custom steel buildings offer a great deal of value and functionality. Al Rosa Construction (ARC) can help you with a wide variety of custom steel buildings in the Modesto area — whether you need the new structure for residential or commercial use.

 Agricultural Steel Buildings

 ARC can provide the perfect steel building for just about every industry in the Modesto area, including the agricultural industry. Agricultural steel buildings can be used for hay storage, farm equipment storage, horse barns — the possibilities are endless and customizable to your needs.   

Commercial Custom Steel Buildings

 Steel buildings have about as many different types of commercial applications as there are different types of businesses. A custom steel building can become a church building, a museum, a garage, a barn, an auto shop, a storage facility, a warehouse — you name it, ARC can help you choose the right type of steel building to meet the needs of your Modesto-area business.

Residential Custom Steel Buildings

Once only used for commercial applications, steel buildings have become extremely popular as garages, carports, workshops, RV storage, and backyard storage sheds to house your lawnmowers and other equipment. Metal buildings can fit many different functions, so give us a call to discuss the types of custom steel buildings we offer homeowners in the Modesto area. We’re happy to work with each customer to find the right steel building solution!

ARC has been performing construction and renovation work in Modesto and elsewhere in the Central Valley since 1986, and our work with custom steel buildings is a natural extension of our many services. Steel buildings are both affordable and sturdy, helping you to make the most use of your property, and ARC can help you choose the right type of custom building for your needs.

Give us a call today at (209) 576-0750 or contact us online to discuss the type of steel building you are considering, and we’ll help you explore your many options.


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