“We were living out of state while we were remodeling our house. Al oversaw everything that was done to our house and gave us guidance. He was very patient when we were choosing the finishes and making decisions. The entire team never rushed us into anything. We were very appreciative of everything they did for us.

This was our first home renovation. Al took the house from something that should have been torn apart and put it back together. He followed through with the vision we had for our house. Living out of state is a big challenge when you are remodeling, but Al handled it the best anyone could have. Renovation is never going to be easy, but if you have a good contractor you will like the outcome.”




“Al Rosa Construction did an extensive remodeling project for us involving nearly the entire house, including the garage,while we continued to live here.

Al is a great communicator and wanted to know what we wanted and why before we ever got started. We’re not chatty people by nature but Al communicated with us perfectly. Once we had a plan, he came up with phases for the work so we would experience the least amount of stress during the process.

We not only appreciated his honesty and communication skills, but continued to be amazed at his creativity, resourcefulness and workmanship. We also appreciated Al’s sons, who worked on our projects and in fact, almost felt like we were losing sons when the project was completed. We had done some remodeling in the past, the comparison between Al Rosa Construction and that contractor couldn’t have been more opposite.

There were some real challenges involved with this project but Al always made everything right including things that occurred that we would have never noticed if not for Al’s diligence.

We highly recommend Al Rosa Construction for any renovation project!

ARC-Jennifer Downs-Colby

“My family and I have done business with Al Rosa Construction since 1997.  This is the 2nd kitchen Al has built for me and I love both of them!  Al replaced our family cabin deck 16 years ago… this was a huge job and it is still looking gorgeous and new to this date.   He updated my parents kitchen and he remodeled my sister’s master suite.

When I purchased my previous home, Al Rosa Construction put in the front entrance and two pillars and a portico which made the house a beautiful home from a simple, flat row house.  Both of my kitchens were completely taken down to the studs and rebuilt from the floor up by Al and his firm.  

My favorite part of dealing with Al and his sons is their professionalism, their creativity and willingness to listen to my ideas. They also are committed to preserving the charm and essence of my 1940’s home. I completely trust them and know whatever they do will be perfect.”



“ We have done four major construction projects over about 15 years with Al Rosa Construction.  They are very detail oriented and are great listeners.  He’s incredibly good at taking our ideas and making them brilliant, better than we imagined.  Al is super sharp and very professional, he’s miles ahead of other contractors.  He uses terrific sub-contractors and they are very clean and meticulous throughout the entire project.

Al happens to be family, which could have made for a difficult situation, but instead he’s always treated us the same way he treats all of his clients, with the utmost respect.  It’s the reason we’ve never strayed from Al Rosa Construction and recommend them highly to all of our friends.”



ARCNelsonkitchen1-WEB “There’s no better way to describe Al Rosa Construction than brilliant! We completely re-designed this house without knocking out external walls.  We loved this house, the neighborhood, the memories, but we did not like the inside any more.  With Al’s help we created the home we wanted to live in.   Our home is now a reflection of what we love and how we live. There’s no contractor better than Al Rosa Construction!”